Inspiring Young Devils

By Gabby Munoz, SDA Communications 

For Nicole Almond Anderson, Arizona State was home from the beginning. Raised a Sun Devil, Almond Anderson was an active member on campus and in athletics – even becoming ASU’s Pac-12 Super Fan in 2012.

“The first year the Pac-12 Network launched they were doing a highlight of a Super Fan from each of the Pac-12 schools,” Almond Anderson said. “They picked a Super Fan from each of the schools and went around and did a highlight commercial on that person. I was selected as ASU’s Super Fan.”

Maintaining her energy for the Sun Devils, Almond Anderson began working with the University and currently serves as the Manager of Marketing, Communications, and Stakeholder Relations for the ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation. She also serves as President of the Sun Devil Young Professionals Group (YPG).

YPG, housed within Sun Devil Athletics, affords supporters between the ages of 21-40 the opportunity to network, grow and develop new and creative programs for Sun Devil Club and Sun Devil Athletics.

“When YPG started, I got back involved with athletics as a volunteer,” Almond Anderson said. “I’ve been involved with the group for about three years, and this last year they invited me to be president. It’s a way for me to feel like I can give back my time and, through my network, garner support for athletics and its endeavors.”

Through YPG, Almond Anderson is able to bring donating to the forefront of young adults’ minds so when they have the opportunity to give, they might choose to give back to Sun Devil Athletics. She recognizes the importance of continuing the sense of community that has been built, whether through someone’s undergraduate career or their experiences growing up, and she hopes to transition that passion it into adulthood and their careers.

“That first transitional period where students are entering the workforce is a critical moment for ASU to capitalize on,” Almond Anderson said. “YPG is a great opportunity for me to know that at that crucial moment in that young person’s life, we are still able to support them. We are able to provide an outlet for these young, successful individuals either through networking or finding a job or volunteering and if that can all be looped back into Arizona State, what better opportunity is that?”

YPG continues to inspire the next generation of young philanthropists – connecting them with a cause and organization that they are passionate about.

“If we can connect with these young adults and get them to truly believe in the athletics program then hopefully, YPG will be able to have a lasting impact on each member in the group and inspire them to continue to have a lasting impact on Arizona State,” Almond Anderson said. “I really see this group being a catalyst for that mindset.”

While Almond Anderson’s passion for Arizona State began at childhood, she continues to further her passion into helping young people also make a difference on the campus through YPG.

“The members of YPG have a lot of great energy and being able to harness that energy and make an impact on the community and athletics is why we exist,” Almond Anderson said. “I don’t see that need going away anytime soon."


Apr 27 2018
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Apr 24 2018
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