Game Changer Legacy/Scholar Baller Initiative

The Championship Life is designed to help student-athletes excel in competition, the classroom and the community, and enable them to achieve sustained success long after their playing days are over. It includes transition programs, career development programs, leadership initiatives, and professional networking opportunities, and is part of Sun Devil Athletics’ Office of Student-Athlete Development. If you have any questions or want to get involved with the program, please contact Scott Nelson, Senior Associate Athletics Director and Executive Director of the Sun Devil, at (480) 965-6972. Click here for more information on Championship Life and click here to donate today

Game Changer Legacy

The Game Changer Legacy is a gathering of diverse community leaders in support of the Sun Devil Club and student-athletes in their mission to inspire change in our community. Through mentorship programs with students at high schools in the Phoenix metropolitan area, the athletes help to promote character and leadership development.


The Game Changer Legacy, a program within the Sun Devil Club, supports Arizona State University student-athletes as they mentor and teach leadership skills to urban high school students in the Phoenix metro area.

Scholar Baller® Initiative


The Scholar Baller® Initiative (SBI) is a developmental program that focuses on empowering urban youth through their interest and connection to education, sport, and entertainment. This helps prepare cross-cultural secondary student-athletes from low-income urban communities who will likely be the first generation of their respective families to have access to higher education.

Scholar Baller® is a term defined as an educated individual who also participates in athletics, art, music, or any other extracurricular activity.

The Scholar Baller® program was initially implemented at ASU in 2001 with its football student-athletes. Since its implementation, the program has expanded to include student-athletes from each of ASU’s 26 NCAA varsity sports and it has produced both significant and measurable results regarding student-athletes’ value for education and pursuit of excellence. 

This model has been proven to be not only effective and successful at the intercollegiate level, but also scalable and flexible to fit the needs of a high school population. As a result, the Scholar Baller® Initiative was established through Sun Devil Athletics.

In an effort to reproduce comparable results at the high school level, the Scholar Baller® Initiative partnered with the African American Men of Arizona State University (AAMASU), the Game Changer Legacy, the Greater Phoenix Urban League, and the Scholar Baller® organization. These partnerships offer students in grade levels 9-12 in the South Phoenix Metropolitan area (which is the highest minority student population with Title 1 eligibility) an opportunity for higher education, upward social mobility, and positive intergenerational transmission.


Jan 14 2020
A long lineage of Sun Devil Hockey alumni laid the foundation during its years as a non-financed, club program for what has evolved into the new and trendiest college hockey destination. One of those instrumental players was Mark Parris.
Nov 20 2019
Arizona’s own Sun Devil Family Charities and the Sun Devil Club have been enhancing the student-athlete experience and spearheading philanthropic endeavors for years by raising resources for athletic scholarships and endowments with little fanfare, but plenty of heart.

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