Planned Giving

Sun Devil supporters can commit to the future of Sun Devil Athletics with a planned investment. Take care of yourself and your family, and make a real difference for Sun Devil Athletics and Arizona State University. 

Types of Planned Investments to benefit you Sun Devils

Planned giving enables you as a donor to marry your charitable contributions with your personal objectives in a way that minimizes the after-tax cost. Depending on the assets involved and the gift arrangement when you establish a planned investment, you can expect to receive some or all of the following benefits:

  • Fulfill your philanthropic goals
  • Reduce income tax through a deduction for the gift
  • Avoid capital-gains tax on gift of long-term appreciated property
  • Retain stream of income for life – for yourself or your beneficiaries
  • Increase spendable income
  • Eliminate potential federal estate tax on property passing to charity
  • Reduce costs and time in estate settlement

Sun Devil Athletics development staff can connect you with tax and legal advisors if you don’t already have access to them. They can discuss in further detail the benefits of making one of the following planned investments.

Gift provision in a will or revocable trust

Adding a gift to Sun Devil Athletics to your will or a revocable trust is relatively simple to do; it has become an important part of the American philanthropic tradition. This type of planned investment enables individuals to make significant gifts that they may not have been able to make during life.

Income-producing gifts

It is completely possible to receive income on a substantial gift that also benefits Sun Devil Athletics. There are several types of plans, all of which combine payments for life for one or more beneficiaries designated by the donor with a gift to ASU. They allow for substantial tax benefits and may increase cash flow to the donor of other beneficiary, depending on the asset contributed.

Income-producing investment options

  • Unitrust, which pays variable income (minimum of five percent of the year-end balance of the unitrust) for life or for a period of years (up to 20). The income may grow and serve as protection against inflation.
  • Annuity trust, which pays fixed income (minimum of five percent of the amount of the investment) for life of a period of years (up to 20).
  • Testamentary gifts of retirement assets are tax-deferred incomes that make ideal estate gifts. All estate and income taxes are avoided and your estate is entitled to a charitable deduction as well. Listing “ASU Foundation for the benefit of Sun Devil Athletics” on the retirement account’s beneficiary form is enough to make your gift possible.
  • Life insurance (whole life of universal life insurance policy) provides an income tax charitable deduction now, when donated, and a much larger valued gift when realized later. Simply complete a change of owner form with your insurance agent, naming “ASU Foundation on behalf of Sun Devil Athletics” as the owner.
  • Real estate gifts include residences or farm property and receive a current income tax charitable deduction without you ever having to leave the property. You only need to establish a new deed and an appraisal. When your life estate ends, the property will benefit Sun Devil Athletics.

Please note that planned investments in Sun Devil Athletics, like the options above, do not entitle the donor to seating benefits. Should you wish to participate in the Sun Devil Club’s annual giving effort, you can receive seating priority. For questions please call 480-727-7700. For more information about the tax benefits of a planned investment, we recommend consulting a tax advisor.

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